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By Oscar Romero


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First, kudos to my great friend Eriana Gonzalez for this post’s featured image. 

I’ve dreamt that my blog could become more than just mine and host stories from around the US and maybe in the future around the globe. If you’re interested in being featured, please read on! 

Ways to contribute include writing a short blurb about:

  • Your experience as an undocumented individual

  • Your experience being an ally to an undocumented individual or the undocumented community

You can come from any background and be at any point of your life. For one, I would love to hear from you and I’m sure others would too. It does not have to be a report or essay on your life. It could be a couple of sentences, a poem, artwork, achievements, projects, etc. It can also be in your native language or any language you’re passionate about

If you’re interested we can also create a series that you can continue to contribute to on the blog. 

You can also remain anonymous or we can highlight your name and create our own Hollywood Walk of Fame with your very own star. 

Once you have an idea for what you want shared on this blog site send it to

You can include the following if you’re interested:

  • A picture of yourself
  • A short bio of who you are and what you do, etc
  • Nothing at all works too 

I am excited to see what will be submitted and look forward to share it in the near future!

About the Author
Oscar Romero
I have had DACA since early 2013. I am currently a Software Engineer at Red Ventures. I went to college at UNC Charlotte and graduated in 2017 with a BA in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Engineering. I went to high school in a small town out in eastern North Carolina. My parents brought me to the United States in 1999 when I was 3 years old. I grew up in NC and aspired to make something worthwhile out of my parent’s hard work and sacrifice.