A Letter of Encouragement

By Miluska E. Aquije


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Dear Undocu Community and allies,

I am writing to you during these sleepless days before knowing the 2020 Election results. I am undocumented; a Dreamer with DACA. My anxiety has kept me awake, along with deep thoughts of what will happen if either candidate is elected. I have created a plan A, a plan B, and a plan C to help ease my uncertainty. As I thought about what matters most, the answer that came to my mind was YOU!

We are Americans. We are part of this country even if on paper it doesn’t recognize us as citizens. We are the UNITED States of America, not just the “states” of America like this current administration, wants us to believe:

  • Physical state – Our home is here in the respective state we have grown up in. They may try to drive us out, but what we have accomplished, no matter where we go, can NEVER be taken away from us!
  • Mental state – They may try to dehumanize us, but we are owners of our thoughts; of what defines us. We, hardworking immigrants, are the epitome of EXTRAORDINARY people! We are absolutely free to reach out to each other or trusted friends and families for support. You are also entitled to seek out mental health support.
  • Emotional state – Their policies made by hardened hearts may cause us substantial emotional turmoil to grieve and lament, but they don’t know that those policies have made us into resilient warriors. We will be WORLD CHANGERS!
  • Spiritual state – No matter our faith background, our spirit, and hope are RESILIENT! Yes, we are worried, anxious, and have the right to be so, but no matter the obstacles, we have a record of overcoming hurdles. Whenever we become dismayed, we remember the original Dreamers, our parents, our amazing mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, and others who took the risk and endured so many obstacles and sacrifices. We stand on the shoulders of giants!

No matter who is in the Oval Office, remember United We Stand. Our strength and courage are beyond borders and oppressing regulations. Let us continue to fight for each other by staying together and grasping onto each other’s stories. United, we will NOT be overcome!

In Love & Solidarity,

Miluska E. Aquije

P.S. If you need to vent any time and have no safe space, feel free to DM anytime on Instagram. It would be an honor to be there for you!

About the Author
Miluska E. Aquije
(Milly) is many things. As an educator, a spiritual advisor, a mentor, and a Dreamer - among so much else - Milly supports her community with a unique passion and vibrancy. Her current professional experience includes serving as the Discipleship Pastor with Reconcile Brooklyn, and as the founder of Hoping Greatly, where she uplifts others through her story of resilience as an undocumented immigrant. She holds degrees from Nyack College and Hunter College, as well as a certificate from the City Seminary of New York.